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Where most content marketing falls flat, we rise above: engaging in thorough customer research
from which we develop an effective and targeted content strategy.

From writing and design to web & mobile app development to hosting… we’ve got you covered!

founder & creative director

tracy connery

I effectively and creatively provide experienced communications and visual arts services specializing in quality, original web content as well as photography. Whether it’s pictures or words I can help you present your company with creativity and verve!

Content of all stripe: writer, social media, photographer, designer. I bring over a decade of creative & inspired experience to the table.

I write. While I began in traditional print, I have grown a solid body of work creating content for a variety of online sources. Corporate, conversational, humour… identifying voice to best connect and resonate with an audience is my passion.

I make pictures. With a love of both digital and film photography, I continue to explore this exceptional visual medium. My corporate, wedding and portrait services are much in demand and my editorial and conceptual work encourages me to play with my creative edge. My skills don’t end with shooting… I have amassed a solid knowledge and experience with the Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Adobe Lightroom.

I design. My web design and development skill set are formidable. My portfolio of effective, creative and interesting designs, consistently keeping up with the trends and evolution of technology for the web, continues to grow. HTML5, CSS3, JQUERY, WordPress, Dreamweaver… these are the tools I utilize, depend on and know.

Blogging, ghostwriting, social media, web & graphic design, making pictures and creating stop-motion films, the sky’s the limit!

upended creative tracy connery

CTO & chief problem solver!

philip boyer

25 years and counting. Philip exists on the cutting edge of programming & development for web and mobile. With a particular interest in AI, Philip is always exploring new and innovative ways to implement web and mobile technology to meet our client’s needs… and then some.

From web apps to mobile apps, no matter the flavour, Philip can bring your idea to digital reality!

creative minds + work ethic + lifestyle = upended team!

upended freelancers

While much of the work is done by Tracy and Philip, we occasionally rely on a variety of talented freelancers in a range of disciplines.

upended creative works hard to foster a supportive and collaborative virtual environment where everyone can do their best work in a way that works best for them.

Writers, social media whizzes, designers, developers – parents, students, travelers or perhaps just simply most happy and productive working in their underpants.

Regardless, we hire the best! 🙂

Interested in being considered for freelance work? Please send a cover letter and your CV to tracy@upended.ca. We want to hear from you!

upended creative digital and content marketing