Getting someone to do what you want

Getting Your Way

Two questions to getting someone to do what you want.

When people have their own reasons for doing things, they get done.  bottom line.

Whether it’s your colleague, employee, boss or teenager, unless you can glean from them what their motivations are, or what it is that sparks their reasons for doing something, all the nudging, bribing, threatening and pulling your hair out will only result in superficial, temporary change at best; frustration for everyone involved at worst.

Getting your way in a way that works for everyone

Perhaps you’re needing more input and involvement from a co-worker.  you need more participation from her, but she’s less than motivated to bring her best.  do you coerce her?  threaten her?  throw up your hands and just do the work on your own, pissed off that you’re stuck, yet again, carrying the load?

What is the trick to establishing buy-in?  particularly if it’s a difficult task or concept?

What you need is a strategy that actually inspires the other party, creating a motivation that is their own rather than something that’s being imposed upon them.  because, by and large, on some level we all resent being told what to do.

So, let’s not…

Instead, let’s consider the impact of two questions in getting someone on the same page and contributing what you need, regardless the situation.

Persuasion expert, Dan Pink, demonstrates that with simply two questions, when used together, are dramatically effective in persuading others.

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