How to create a LinkedIn business account

LinkedIn for business — setting up your account.

A LinkedIn Page acts will be the voice of your small business on LinkedIn. It helps members learn more about your business and brand, products and services, and job opportunities. To interact with members on LinkedIn as an organization, you must have a Page.

Important: Page creation is currently available on desktop only.

  1. Click the Work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click Create a Company Page. You’ll also select this option to create a Page for a school.
  3. Select the Page type you’d like to create from the following options:
  4. Enter your Page identity, Company or Institution details, and Profile details information.
  5. Check the verification box to confirm you have the right to act on behalf of that company or school in the creation of the page.
  6. Click Create page.
    • If you receive a red error message, you may not meet the Page creation requirements or have reached the limit for Pages created.
  7. Click Start building your page! to build out your Page.