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Google - Content is king!

Content Is King - the power of content writing

Content is king, so they – the royal they, as in that all-consuming entity known as the innernets – continue to crow. or, queen, as is my preference.  And it’s true. content creation dominates the messaging of the Information Age.

Google is king, content his jester

With Google changing their algorithm throughout the day, everyday, the search engine behemoth gets the final word on the search-worthiness of your website.  Staying ahead of SEO hackers is the name of their game, while weeding out the posers and bait mongers from we, who work hard to create organic, authentic content,  is what they’re striving to achieve.

So you’d better consider what your website is saying, or if you’re saying anything at all.  If you want anyone in the ever-increasing vastness of the internet reaches to find you, that is.

Like any perishable, there is a sell-by date

Search engines despise static.  If the content of your website hasn’t changed since the first tech boom, chances are pretty good you exist in the internet variation of a Siberian gulag.  Like a hippy at Trader Joe’s, search engines, Google in particular, are constantly trolling for the freshest, most organic content.

Is your content conversational?  Does it read comfortably and as though written by a real person, with a real interest in the subject matter?  Believe it or not, with each passing season the Google bots get better at interpreting authenticity.

Links, check. keywords, check.  show me the traffic!

There was a time you could buy a domain, put up a holding site, load it up with keywords and links and let the eyeballs, and in some cases, the money, come rolling in.  Not so anymore. you might come across the occasional holding site, but it ain’t the traffic/cash cow it used to be.

Content creation: keep it quality, stupid!

As I mentioned above, search engines are identifying the difference between quality and fakery.  But it’s not just the bots. the consumer is on to the fakes, too.  Quality is just as important to we who consume the content as to the bots that vet it.

In this era of internet and mobility, we don’t want to have to pick through the rocks to get to the gem.

We are no longer captive, passively awaiting the networks to provide us our next juicy t.v morsel, or the morning paper to keep us up to date.  We discern. We vet. Today, everyone in the communication business has to play in the content business as well – from traditional media to retailers to marketers.  Every consumer sector.

We consume through a series of content feeds from a plethora of brands, channels, platforms and devices, fast taking over the functions of traditional media organization in:

Programming: we greenlight content and replay old favorites;

Scheduling: we decide when and where to watch, and for how long.

Marketing and Social Media: we share, spreading the word for content we love and advocate for.

Distribution: like, pin and retweet, vlog, blog – we curate and share.

Advertising:  we work in tandem with brands via content collaborations and user-generated hashtags. our endorsements increasingly carry more weight than traditional celebs and outlets.

Critiquing:  we simultaneously consume and evaluate content, often in real time.

Quality talent = quality content

As yet, Google, or any other search engine for that matter, has yet to come up a technology that can make sure a brand’s myriad executions have a unified message.  There’s no app that ensures a piece of content will hit the right emotional tone or be expressed in the appropriate voice. Ultimately, businesses and brands need talented people to ensure that content is high quality—whether it’s a 15-second TV spot, a much longer YouTube video, or an 800-word blog or news article.

A talented content creator can provide the voice and messaging to extend your role as a tastemaker. Think of your content brand as a recommendation engine for specific sensibilities that transcend your platform or category, in the way that Etsy helps DIYers make and sell their products by introducing them to a community of like-minded people.

Let’s face it. the goal with both is to drive and generate traffic – get those eyeballs!

To this end, upended creative provides exceptional written and visual content that:

Is purpose-driven: we create content for good. We present your product or service in a voice and tone that is engaging, entertaining and embedded with social values that are deeply ingrained in your company culture and drives your business strategy.

Is mindful of your target market, audience and promoting community. Who are you speaking to? Are you looking to simply speak to your market or engage with your audience, creating community.  upended creative looks to do both.  You have messaging that needs disseminated throughout your channels – your website, blog & social media; but, you’re also looking to encourage communication that builds a following and an engaged relationship between your business and your market.

Grow your online presence… upend your website, upend your content.

contact us today about what incorporating fresh, quality content that is uniquely yours can mean for your business or brand.  make those Google bots happy.

upended creative.

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