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Your Content Marketing: It’s Really Quite Simple… Just Not Easy!

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I spent a lovely snowy afternoon yesterday talking to a small business, web design client about how she might amp up and generate engagement with not only her website but also her social media, specifically Facebook – tools integral to growing her business and expanding her influence and reach.  Essentially, her content marketing strategy.

She’s eager and willing and wanting to be able to handle it herself.  I was more than happy to consult with her about strategy and how to get started, taking those all-important first steps to getting into the necessary routine of taking the reins of her own content marketing.

Content marketing is really quite simple but don’t get to thinking it’s going to be easy!

I was VERY clear with her.  The principles involved in content marketing are really quite simple… they’re just not easy.  It’s not hard to get across the importance of the consistent creation and publishing of fresh, valuable content in increasing engagement on a website and social media.  Clients nod with understanding, albeit reluctant.

Where sh%t gets real is when I start outlining what they have to do, the action that inevitably has to happen to see real results.  Explaining even the initial phases of strategy which will require a commitment to consistent action in the form of writing, taking pictures and video, posting, publishing even on a weekly basis… the eyes glaze over, fingers reflexively clench around the pen in hand, an exasperated face palm.

The fun is talking about target market, the great product or service, all the great information to share.

But, let’s face it… the doing is a whole other can of worms.  My consultations with clients looking to explore expanding their reach, increasing engagement and traffic and, ultimately, see sales and business improve leave them feeling like they CAN do it.  But, unless action is taken in short order following the meeting, the challenge, and challenges, mount.  Excuses abound.

And, of course they do.  Managing a business and taking full responsibility for the active marketing of that business, even a small business, is a butt-load of work.  Overwhelm is inevitable with most small business people, and if they’re not naturally inclined to write and create content, taking that on in addition to the daily workload of running their business is a tough row to hoe.  Unfortunately, it falls off the list of to-do’s and is abandoned all together.

How do you eat an elephant?  Ummmmm… you don’t!

Forget about the big picture! This isn’t about tearing something huge into small, bite size chunks.  We don’t want or need to consider the hugeness of the task at all.  Let’s take the anticipated results, the increased sales, the business growth out of this initial equation.

We actually want to go back to the drawing board.  What excites you about your business?  What information do you have that not only will prove valuable to share, but will also set you apart from the competition as an authority in your field or marketplace?  What can you share – for free! – that will keep people wanting to know more.

Simply share that!  Share your enthusiasm for what you do; the product or service you provide; the supplementary information that can help build interest and buzz about your business.

5 simple steps to jump-start your content marketing

Here’s the simple outline I gave my client, a physiotherapist offering a range of services from orthopaedic and sports medicine to acupuncture to alternative healing therapies, committed to wellness and education:

  •  – Consider your range of services including the variety of workshops and courses you have in the works.
  •  – Take notes about each.  Jot simply in point form and make them detailed. Explore how each of the points might be developed as an independent topic for either blog or Facebook.
  • – Monthly: develop a blog post.  The workshops and courses she conducts are perfect for more in-depth, informational posts on the website; same goes for potential impediments such as flat feet or knocked knees that could benefit from a more fleshed out approach.  Share these posts on social media. Often!  Blog posts can be repurposed over and over with fresh headlines on Facebook.  Great for driving traffic!
  • – Twice weekly: Facebook posts with short tips, tricks, advice that include photos and even video as she tends to create these always as a matter of course for work.
  • – DO IT!!!

Given the gist of this post, clearly number 5 is the biggest challenge to seeing this strategy take shape and allow her to more fully develop her goals and actions moving forward.

At the end of the day, what seems a simple enough plan just may not be do-able, for any number of really good reasons.  That’s OK!

Fortunately, that’s where upended creative can come in!  Maybe your step #5 means hiring someone else who has the skills and makes the time to explore and implement your strategy to help you achieve your goals.  So be it… and we’re more than happy to help!

Meantime, in the spirit of taking action and how, like it or not, is essential to achieving just about everything we do in a day, big or small, take a look at this helpful little gem to help get the juices flowing!

Speaking of… time to get these homeschool kids of mine up and at ’em!  Simple, yes.  Easy?  Are you out of your mind?!?!


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