mcdonalds revamps… cuz nobody’s ‘lovin’ it’!

mcdonalds rebranding

bad numbers this first quarter for the fast food giant, it seems.

despite an uptick in the UK, Russia and, oddly enough, France of all places, the rest of the world is choosing differently for their burger and fries.

as to flagging sales in the US, they’re playing the ‘hard winter’ card, but the reality they seem now ready to face is that the mcnugget juggernaut just hasn’t been able to keep out ahead of social media and the indelible images of grey slabs of mcrib and pink sludge.  fruit cups and apple slices just haven’t cut the mustard, or is it the special sauce?

“in the last five years, the world has moved faster outside the business than inside,” chief executive Steve Easterbrook stated. he added. “we’re not on our game.

i like to think it is really about the people demanding truly healthier options, but perhaps it’s just as the company maintains, that they’re looking “at creating a leaner management structure”.

Whatever the cause of the downshift, it’s got mcdonalds execs back on their heels and it will be interesting to see what this new shake-up means to consumers.


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