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Kick-Ass Landing Page 101 – 3 Steps to Amp Up Your Website Traffic AND Your Conversions

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Convert visitors to leads to customers — guide them down the funnel. It all begins with a great landing page.

For most of us, the entire purpose of a website is to bring people to our business, provide us with interested leads, and ideally, make sales. But, of course, it’s not that easy. The “build it and they will come” model is beyond past its sell-by date.

Enter the landing page – the key to converting visitors into leads. Your landing page, that page on your website dedicated exclusively to sales, is the first integral step to develop that valuable relationship between your business and a potential customer. It’s also the page you will most often link to for all of your digital advertising (NOT YOUR HOME PAGE!).

Your landing page is designed for sales – to convert visitors into leads

Unlike the rest of your website, a good landing page is designed specifically to pitch and sell — and to appeal to visitors’ to sign up and leave their email address.

It’s different from the other pages on your website in a variety of ways:

  1. It includes a signup form so you can capture a visitor’s information in exchange for some kind of perk or offer

  2. The singular objective of the landing page is to convert visitors into leads (a website home page with a form doesn’t cut it – the page has multiple purposes and doesn’t multitask effectively!).

  3. Your landing page has no navigation. It is simple and free of distractions. It merely contains a bit of engaging, compelling sales copy and a form used to gather visitor information.
  4. Every business and website that engages in sales should have at least one.

3 Steps to create a great landing page

  1. Write a compelling headline – take your time! It’s been said that 80 cents of every marketing dollar should be spent on creating an ass-kicking headline. Keep this in mind as your brainstorming. The headline is the one element of content you don’t want to underestimate – it’s the first thing visitors see when they click through and land on your page. A great headline will keep people on the page and encourage them to seriously consider your offer. To help guide your brainstorming here are three essential headline components to keep in mind:
    • Clarity: Be direct and get to the point. Clearly identify what it is you make, sell, or do so there is no ambiguity about what you are offering.
    • Relevancy: You have to fulfill what you claimed or promised in the ad. Be sure that the information between your ad and your landing page corresponds —  message match so that you meet (or exceed) your visitors’ expectations. You don’t want them to be disappointed!
    • Empathy: You are solving a problem for your visitor. Connect with them on that level — let them know that you understand how they feel.
    • TIP: There are four ways to create a strong, compelling headline: start with a “how-to” the solution to a problem your business offers; ask a question in the headline – answer it in the subheading that immediately follows; use humour; include your unique value proposition (UVP) – provide an irresistible reason to read on, signup, and want to know more (and why you’re distinct from your competitors).  
  2. Great copy and engaging media. It’s going to be all about the language and visuals. Solid, quality, persuasive copy is critical. This could be your one chance to make your point and entice your visitor to start down the funnel – and convince them to convert. Include the benefits of your product or service, your UVP, etc. You might as well face it, despite all the work you will put into your landing page copy, the sad fact is, most Internet users simply don’t like to read web page copy – so use media! There are three primary types available to most of us: images, video, and gifs (animated, interactive images terrific for presenting offers – a wonderful substitute for videos!
  3. Lead capture form. This is why you’ve set up the page! Your lead capture form will collect your visitor’s information – what you’re after to build a comprehensive email list (arguably, still the most effective digital marketing tactic). A few tips for designing an effective form:
    • Only ask for basic information from your prospects – you don’t want to intimidate them!
    • Ensure your page copy and media are well organized to encourage visitors to complete and submit the form.
    • Your form MUST be strategically placed on the landing page.

There is certainly more to take into consideration when it comes to creating an effective landing page. But this should be enough to develop a solid page in which to link in your advertising.

If you’d like to learn more about landing pages, developing optimized web and blog content, or your larger content marketing strategy, upended creative would love to help — LET’S CHAT