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Using content to shape a culture around your business

The Power of Content: Shaping a Culture Around Your Business

When it comes to approaching social media and the other communications…
June 21, 2017/by upended
Social Media & Content Strategy for Small Business

Social Media & Content Marketing: Is it Good for Small Business?

  Did you know that one in five relationships and one…
June 19, 2017/by upended
Struggling with Content Marketing x600

Your Content Marketing: It’s Really Quite Simple… Just Not Easy!

  I spent a lovely snowy afternoon yesterday talking…
February 10, 2017/by upended
How’s Your Elevator Pitch? 9 Tips to Make It More Effective

How’s Your Elevator Pitch? 9 Tips to Make It More Effective

You have an unexpected opportunity to sell your big idea or new…
January 25, 2017/by upended
Creative Content... Get Punchy! Even If Your Niche Might Be A Little Boring

Creative Content Works… Even If Your Niche Might Be A Little Boring

It's 2017 and I'm trying not to crawl down that crazy rabbit…
January 5, 2017/by upended
Content Marketing Funnel of Love

The Marketing Funnel of Love: Content Marketing and Funnelling Leads

Marketing your business online can seem enough of a burden that…
March 30, 2016/by upended
Social Media For Small Business

No Time for Social Media?

With a background in design and development, part of creating…
March 29, 2016/by upended
Messiness helps Creativity- Steve Jobs messy home office

Mess and Creativity Go Hand in Hand!

 Is messiness a sign of creativity? I certainly like to think…
February 22, 2016/by upended
Web Design-Negotiate Solutions

New Branding & Web Design!

So very proud of this launch! This was a branding and web…
February 19, 2016/by upended
using instagram for business

3 of the Best Reasons to Use Instagram for Your Business

If there were any skeptics who saw the rise of social media as…
February 6, 2016/by upended
Content Strategy- Do I Need One?

Content Strategy – Do I Need One?

These last few years have seen the veritable explosion of…
February 2, 2016/by upended
Google - Content is king!

The royalty that is content creation

Content is king, so they – the royal they, as in that all-consuming…
December 4, 2015/by upended