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Creative Content in Your Digital Marketing Strategy Works… Even If Your Niche Might Be A Little Boring

Creative Content... Get Punchy! Even If Your Niche Might Be A Little Boring

Examine your content in 2020. Digital marketing includes so many components, but the content you create or curate is what helps define your brand — whether it’s beauty products, food, or accounting.

I, like every other entrepreneur out there, want to know what will be most effective to draw eyeballs, generate leads and, well, put food in the babies’ mouths.  My babies are all teens and beyond, so consider food in mouths a never-freaking-ending and expensive endeavour (read:  hire me, pleeeeease!)

I’ll talk content marketing for 2020… but it’s gotta be creative content

Here’s the deal: content still reigns supreme.  And 2019 is going to see a whole lot more of it!  But, more than ever, it’s going to be creative content that gets those valuable eyeballs and those essential click-throughs to increase your chances of conversion.

What does that mean if you have a business that is less than creative?  What if your niche is actually pretty dry and boring?

Creative content has redefined and repositioned several pretty boring businesses that have become part of our general cultural lexicon.  Think Geico and the adorable Geico Gecko; the obnoxious but infectious Aflac duck; and, doubling down on boring niches, toilet paper employing the adorable Scotties kittens back in the day or the cuddly Charmin bears who seem to have no shame over-sharing about their wiping habits.

You may have a boring product but your marketing and content certainly don’t have to be.

The first rule of thumb for developing creative content:  go visual!

Instagram and Snapchat have raised the bar for what effective and engaging content means.  It’s all about the images, the video, the animation.

The centuries (???) old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t possibly have more relevance than it does today.

Images, whether still or moving, catch our attention.  It is VITALLY important that you, and whomever you’ve hired to assist (ahem!), approach all of your digital marketing collateral from a visual perspective.

Repeat after me:  I pledge that no post, whether it be a blog, Facebook or twitter, shall be published without a corresponding, relevant image, animation or video.

Creative content for content marketing

Everyone loves a good story

What kind of stories can be told about your product, service or business?  Who are your clients?  What are your client’s concerns?  What problem are you solving?

We can get even a little more, let’s say, transcendent, about this:  what is a common theme that runs throughout your target audience that resonates, defines or connects?

There are brands selling boring products that have discovered the power of story-telling, going deep to tap into our sentimentality, our need to belong, and possibly even our insecurities to enjoy hugely increased profile and profits.

Without overtly selling you soap, Dove directed their attention, and yours, to beauty as a concept and what it means to us as women individually, and as a movement.  Dove implies that they stand for beauty in all it’s forms regardless of size, race, age; flying in the face of the ridiculous and harmful media-driven standards that drive us all to relative madness.  In this effort, Dove endeavours to stand apart, and above, taking a moral and ethical position on women’s beauty and empowerment… as opposed to simply selling us yet another boring bar of soap.

Always keep in mind, content marketing is more than simply a product pitch.  Rather than talking about a product, look to content marketing to drive value outside the products and services you offer.

You NEED a content strategy

In what is a veritable freaking sea of content, understand that winging it is going to cost you money and time.  Help stem the marketing hemorrhage and develop a coherent and focused direction to best communicate with your target audience.

From blogs to all the other channels of social media you already, or will begin to employ; determine not only what kind of content, what kind of messaging, but the voice in which you will create it, to maximize your marketing spending.

The unfortunate fact is, most businesses do not have a documented content marketing strategy.   Those organizations that do have one and that review it consistently, however, are more likely to be successful. Again, it’s not just about what you’re selling, what else can you be doing – or communicating – to build a relationship, trust and value?

There you have it:  a few quickies to set you off on your 2017 creative content marketing way!

Which brings me to… well, me.  If you’d like more information on how to best implement any of the above, or, better yet, have upended creative implement any of the above, talk to me!

I would love to hear about your boring product or service and help you use creative content and content marketing to sell the hell out of it!




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