How to create your Instagram page for business

Instagram for business — setting up your account.

Over one billion people use Instagram every month, and approximately 90% of them follow at least one business. The numbers speak volumes – Instagram for business needs to be part of your content marketing.

Step 1: Open an Instagram business account

Start a whole new account or convert your personal account to a business account by following these steps:

How to sign up for an Instagram business account:

1. Download the Instagram app for iOS, Android or Windows.

2. Open the app and click Sign up.

3. Enter your email address. If you want to have multiple users or you want to connect your Instagram business account to a Facebook Business Page, it’s best to use an admin email address to sign up or click Log in with Facebook.

4. Choose your username and password and complete your profile. If you logged in with Facebook, you may be asked to sign in.

5. Click Next.

You’ve created a personal Instagram account. Follow the following steps to switch to a business account:

How to switch a personal account to an Instagram business account:

1. From your profile, click the hamburger menu located in the upper-right corner.

2. Click Settings. You may see Switch to Professional Account from this menu. If you do, click it. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

3. Click Account.

4. Choose Business (unless it’s more relevant for you to choose Creator).

5. If you want to connect your Instagram and Facebook business accounts, follow the steps to connect your account to your Facebook Page.

6. Select your business category and add relevant contact details.

7. Click Done.