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No Time for Social Media?

With a background in design and development, part of creating something useful and effective for the client is understanding exactly how they plan to use their new or refreshed web presence.

With small businesses, who often utilize their website as simply electronic business card, when confronted with the question about Social Media and how actively they plan to engage in it, it’s not unusual for the client to wince, if not outright cringe, and vehemently insist, “No, no social media – I don’t have time to worry about tweeting and Facebook.”

And they’d be right.  They feel as though they don’t.  Particularly if they haven’t done it before.

I’m a content creator.  And, as such I tend to proselytize the power of fresh content and maintaining a variety of channels to promote product and/or service to not only do the important work of building community and audience, but actual business.

As my clients protest, I sit back resigned but understanding, well aware how daunting the task appears.

Chances are you’re using social media on a regular basis already

I don’t leave it there, however.  Social engagement and utilizing social channels are too valuable to let go without a stronger pitch.  I get them thinking about it further by asking a couple of simple questions:

  1. Who is your target market.  To whom will you be directing your more conventional advertising efforts?
  2. What is your favourite way to communicate?  For instance, are you partial to quick, entertaining anecdotes; do you take a lot of pictures with your phone?


Social Media for Small Businesses

Only a couple of questions, but they can provide important insights to someone who doesn’t consider marketing through social media right for them.

Chances are pretty good that most people are contributing in some way or other to a particular channel in their regular day-to-day.  It’s just a matter of better directing that effort to marketing their business.

In retail?  Use the snaps you’re already taking to flesh out your Instagram or Facebook accounts as you consider your greater messaging and how that can be implemented in hashtags directed to your market to gain followers.

Have a landscape business?  Same goes.  There’s nothing better than a visual to use before and afters as well as progress snapshots to better promote your services.

Social media becomes yet another business asset

These are only a couple of examples, but they work regardless the industry.  Real estate, construction, technology, you name it… all industries where social media can be effectively leveraged to grow your community, following and, ultimately, leads.

As you build out your content it becomes another asset of your business, creating a space that you occupy, contributing to the value of your product or service.  And, better than your conventional avenues of marketing, largely free.

So, before discounting entirely, ask yourself the two simple questions above, and then give it a go.  If you keep at it a while, you might actually be surprised that you 1. actually might enjoy it a little and, 2. reap the tangible benefits of connecting with your people, growing your following and increasing your potential for leads and sales.

If you’d like more information on how social media will work for your business, please don’t hesitate to ask – scroll down!




New Branding & Web Design!

So very proud of this launch!

This was a branding and web design project that strived to balance the corporate with the more progressive, forward thinking.  It’s a new business and the design concepts are geared to reflect the professionalism and values of the client while taking into consideration the expectations and needs of the intended market.

I knew we were looking at a more corporate sensibility in the development of the logo.  I didn’t want it too stuffy and, in close consult with the client, figured we would be able to undo some of the overtly corporate with the colour palette.  Purple provide our pop, the foundation, and our departure from the usual lawyer-liness typically drawn from the monochrome of a suit!

The result is simple: a graphic that pops with colour while quietly alluding to the client’s specialty of negotiation.  It sets the tone for a clean new establishment identity, but allowing for some departure from a corporate sensibility in the supporting collateral – web and print.

The goal when putting together the web design was to come up with something clean and easy to navigate but also feel very different to almost ALL legal industry websites.  Here’s the thing… any sites related to lawyers trend towards:

1. grey or blue
2. overwhelmingly corporate
3. same, same, SAME!!

Yes, this is a lawyer, and soon to be collection of lawyers, but, given the target market – Seattle area startups and entrepreneurs – this lawyer’s site needed to feel fresh and forward-thinking.  It needed to stand out from the sea of grey and blue.  It needed to balance the solid corporate experience and expertise with the progressive nature of my client, while appealing to the progressive, innovative nature of my client’s client.

So, in keeping with this vision, along with the aesthetics of the site, a single page, dynamic scroll was the ticket.  This allowed the message and services to be clearly identified and the information easy to find.  The site is intended to give an overview while taking every opportunity to encourage contact.

You can see it HERE!