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New Branding & Web Design!

So very proud of this launch! This was a branding and web design project that strived to balance the corporate with the more progressive, forward thinking.  It’s a new business and the design concepts are geared to reflect the professionalism and values of the client while taking into consideration the expectations and needs of the intended market. I […]


Content Strategy – Do I Need One?

These last few years have seen the veritable explosion of “content” as part of marketing plans. As content marketing finds its place in marketing strategies and budgets, it’s the task of developing an actual content strategy, to more effectively and accurately target content to better connect to and grow audience – and ultimately market share – that is becoming the more desirable, not […]


The royalty that is content creation

Content is king, so they – the royal they, as in that all-consuming entity known as the innernets – continue to crow. or, queen, as is my preference.  And it’s true. content creation dominates the messaging of the Information Age. Google is king, content his jester With Google changing their algorithm throughout the day, everyday, the […]


Getting someone to do what you want

When people have their own reasons for doing things, they get done.  bottom line. Whether it’s your colleague, employee, boss or teenager, unless you can glean from them what their motivations are, or what it is that sparks their reasons for doing something, all the nudging, bribing, threatening and pulling your hair out will only […]

mcdonalds revamps… cuz nobody’s ‘lovin’ it’!

bad numbers this first quarter for the fast food giant, it seems. despite an uptick in the UK, Russia and, oddly enough, France of all places, the rest of the world is choosing differently for their burger and fries. as to flagging sales in the US, they’re playing the ‘hard winter’ card, but the reality they […]

community rebranding- when to consider a refresh

as many communities consider how to best make their way into the future with a solid, if not growing, tax base, jobs, increasing numbers of young families, well-attended schools and opportunities for their youth; a common stop in the road is to undergo a municipal or community rebranding. when is the right time to take on […]

multi-screening. mobile-friendly. is your website ready?

these past few years have seen a very rapid evolution in how we surf the web, consume content and really, manage our lives. sit on any mode of public transit, wait in line just about anywhere or go out for drinks with friends and and observe the relationships… with their devices!   given the increasing reliance on mobile […]

a campaign logo – what makes a good one?

twitter exploded yesterday with politicos and designers alike, all abuzz… what the hell was team Clinton thinking?!? the blue ‘h’ and red arrow came under a ton of not-so-friendly fire yesterday with the formal launch of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  not exactly the way you want to roll out your formal bid for the presidency. designers weigh in: […]

more than web design. brand new… to you!

so very pleased to be introducing the new website for upended!  after setting up and encouraging so many of our clients to pursue a blog platform to funnel leads and traffic, we figured it was about time we did the same. we’ll enjoy posting all things print, app and web design, photography, social media, brand, […]