about us

the team

Helping you better identify, target and communicate with your audience, building community and value.

Where most content marketing falls flat, we rise above: engaging in thorough customer research
from which we develop an effective and targeted content strategy.

From writing and design to web & mobile app development to hosting… we’ve got you covered!

founder & creative director

tracy connery

Content of all stripes: writer, photographer, designer. Tracy brings over a decade of creative & inspired experience to the table.

Blogging, ghostwriting, social media, web design, making pictures and creating stop-motion films, the sky’s the limit!

CTO & chief problem solver!

philip boyer

20 years and counting. Philip exists on the cutting edge of programming & development for web and mobile.

From web to apps, regardless the flavour, Philip can make your vision a digital reality!

creative minds + work ethic + lifestyle = upended team!

upended freelancers

upended creative fosters a collaborative virtual office which includes a team of talented freelancers.

Writers, designers and developers who are parents, travellers or are just simply most happy and productive working in their underpants, we hire the best!