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Content Services

Helping you better identify, target and communicate with your audience, building community and value.

Where most content marketing falls flat, we rise above: engaging in thorough customer research
from which we develop an effective and targeted content strategy.

OUR GOAL: create and foster a real connection with people who are, or will soon become, your customers.
We discover what is meaningful to them and create that which will resonate best, moving you towards increased success.


If you want to write a book, blog or simply pump up the impact your email correspondence but don’t have the time or skills, we can help!

upended creative can collaborate with you to capture your unique message and voice, and then turn your words into a compelling book, advertising collateral, web content and blog posts or email campaigns.

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  • Web hosting
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  • Email accounts
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting
  • SEO

Search and register the perfect domain for your personal or business website.


Blog posts, infographics, social media and other valuable materials to drive traffic and improve your search engine ranking.

If you’ve been handling your business’ blog in-house, you know how hard it is to keep a consistent publishing schedule.
Even if you’ve outsourced to a writer, you still find yourself supplying them subject matter and handling the promotion yourself.

upended is designed to give you more than just a high-quality writing team. We manage every piece of the process for you.

Communicating with you, your team, and your customers, along with thorough and ongoing research into your market, we get the best read on how to most effectively create and focus the content we provide for you.
Developing a well-researched database of topical and resonant subject matter, we prepare ourselves with the roadmap to growing your audience and customer-base.

The articles we publish to your blog are optimized to get your target customers to your website and on to your email list.
We happily handle the task of writing your weekly email newsletter. We also manage the daunting task of keeping up with social media, ensuring those channels never go “cold”.

  • Draw & develop the larger story that your business tells.
  • Well-researched articles that resonate with your customers.
  • Engage your audience, creating content to drive profitable behaviors.
  • Email newsletter writing
  • Social media posting
  • Monthly analytics reports

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You’ve registered the perfect domain.  You’ve secured the hosting package that’s the perfect fit for your needs.


Your visual message is one of the most important aspects of your business. In addition to web and mobile, our innovative, creative, design services also include design for logos, branding, business cards, and marketing collateral.

Delivering state-of-the art, clean and user-friendly web, mobile and print solutions based on your company’s unique business needs & goals. With our team and top-notch customer service, we hold our own as a small, but pre-eminent, design and development powerhouse!

User experience is the foundation in our design to best convey your messaging, engage visitors and grow your business.

Whether for the web or mobile device we can help bring your great application idea to life.

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Dreaming of writing a book but need assistance getting started? upended creative can help get the ball rolling!
We assist entrepreneurs, business leaders, speakers, changemakers, innovators and other individuals bring their knowledge, ideas and experience into words. This includes books, e-books, workbooks, web content and other media.

Our clients feel heard and understood; that their stories are conveyed in genuine and authentic expressions of their purpose, and they are inspired in the journey of creating memorable and marketable products.

We listen. And then we write. We create a book that is uniquely yours.
We have a process for uncovering your story, ideas and concepts. Your job is simply to tell the story. You’re the author. We do the writing.
While every author and project is unique, a typical ghostwriting package consists of the following:

  • Summary: You speak; we write. We turn your experience and knowledge into a book or project that can be published.
  • Benefits: Frees up your time and energy, so you can focus on your business and life. Your job is to tell the story, while we write the book.
  • Who this is for: The busy author, speaker, entrepreneur or individual who needs to better spend their time & energy on their ideas.
  • Goal: Capture your story, voice and message to create a compelling narrative in print that is ready for publication.

With polished, well-written copy you are more likely to enhance your credibility & professionalism, attract clients, inspire clients & readers, help establish your legacy, and, last but certainly not least, generate revenue.

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